Fabulous words

I am in search of inspiring, fabulous, wonderful words. I am not looking for quotes but rather single words that spark a chord in your heart. Some on my list so far are:


My brain is stumped. For some reason I cannot come up with the words which I really desire on my list. I need help finding them. What are some of your favorite words? Maybe they are the words I have been looking for. I can feel the words in my heart but am not sure what they are. Please help!!!

I really need to get my traveling journal in motion. My aunt asked me about it today, which makes me excited but also upset that I have not executed the idea yet. The idea is there I just need to execute it as brilliantly as I see it in my head. I want it to come out fabulous, which I know in the end it will. I really need to put together the journal and come up with what I want to contribute. I was thinking of a poem, possible some painting, or a collage. Hopefully inspiration will pour down into my head as heavy as the rain has fallen today.