Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a girl.
She was strong and she was brave.
She faced the world head on and always went for what she wanted.
She was never afraid to say no, and never afraid to ask for what her heart desired.

This girl was happy.

She was true to herself.
She created magical things.
She read wonderful books and,
She took amazing pictures with her camera.

The girl was happy.

She loved music, and dancing.
She was a great dancer.
She also loved to sing.
Her voice sounded so sweet.

The girl was happy.

She surrounded herself with people she loved
and people who loved her.
They all loved, trusted, and respected one another.
It was a beautiful thing.

The girl was happy.

***This fairytale is not over....to be continued another day***

If only my life could be like this fairytale!!!