The Journey Begins

While exploring the internet I found and individual who keeps a

"well being checklist"

. A list of the ten most important things which she needs during her day. This inspired me to keep my own checklist. The idea is to accomplish at least seven out of the ten and to have a weekly average of 70%.

However what would be my ten most important things which I want - - need, from my day. What do I need? I have given it a lot of thought and have come up with eight. Here they are with two more to come:

"My well being checklist"

1. Sleep

At least eight good solid hours of sleep, waking up no later than ten a.m.

2. Exercise

A video, going to the gym, a hike, a bicycle ride, tennis, a walk. Anything to keep me active and going

3. Eating well

Consuming healthier things other than chocolate and cereal. Actually taking the time to cook.

4. Laughing

Enjoying a good laugh through reading something, hearing something, talking with someone, or through a media device.

5. Personal connections with others

Not just going through life blindly but truly connecting with others.

6. Creative Time

Time spent doing creative things. Playing the keyboard, creating something, taking photos.

7. Reading

Time spent enjoying reading.

8. Learning

Time spent learing something new.

So I still have to come up with two more. Two more things I need each day. I want to begin this checklist and keep up with it. I want to be dedicated to myself. My spirit, my growth, and my potential. The journey is only begining. I know it will be a long journey with many bumps in the road. But I am willing to try it. I turn twenty six soon. And as scary as it is for me to say the words twenty six it is exciting. And the adventure is just beginning.