The telephone

I am not a fan of the telephone
You will never catch me having long phone conversations,
and if you do it is against my will.
When the phone rings I seldom answer it
I also seldom look to even see who is calling.
If it is important they will leave a message,
and then I have the choice to call back--If I want.

I do not have a phone in my apartment.
No need for two telephones if I do not even answer the one I do have.
Remeber the days though when you did not know who was calling.
You picked up the phone and it was a surprise as to who was at the other end.
That made aswering the phone fun,
you never knew what you were going to get.

Now the days of caller id has changed that.
You always know who is on the other end.
It has become real easy to avoid people.

I would much rather meet in person,
talk face to face.
The phone is so impersonal.
I try to make my phone conversations as short as possible.
Often avoiding talking about everything, and giving the shortest possible answer.

Granted my cell phone has come in handy, many times
But I coudl have figured it out without the security of the phone.
I possibly would have had an adventure if things weren't so simple.
And there is nothing wrong with a good adventure.

Does anyone else feel this way?