I feel I have grown stronger, wiser, happier, more sure of myself.

However I know someone who is my mirror of the past.

Looking to please others, not knowing how to say no, weak, unhappy.

She is sweet and kind, caring to others

But there are times when I cannot stand her.

It makes me mad to think that I was that way.

I think it is sad that she does not see her worth,

like I was unable to see mine.

And she is worth so much more!

When I see her I think:

Was I really that pathetic?

Did I really have no self worth for myself?

Why didn't I respect who I was?

Am I still that way now? Is that why I am upset?

I want to be sure I respect myself.

Am caring to myself.

And make choices based on these two things.

I want to enjoy life,

Not have life trample me

I want to be able to see the sunshine,

and enjoy it.

I want to laugh,

and laugh with others.

I am not trying to change my mirror,

Because she has to go through her own struggle.

I am trying to change myself.

I want to make sure I am brave, strong, happy, respecting myself, and others

It worries me though because we often pick out qualities in others which we truly dislike about ourself.

I don't want to be that scared little girl anymore.

I don't feel like her anymore.

I feel brave.

I feel strong.

I feel like I respect myself.

Is my mirror cloudy, or is she still a mirror of me today?

"Cause the weak will

Seek the weaker until they've broken them,

Could you get it back again?

Would it be the same?

Fulfillment to their lack of strength

At your expense,

Left you with no defense,

They tore it down.

And I have felt the same, as you I've felt the same,

As you I've felt the same

Cause the fearful always preyed upon your confidence,

Did they see the consequence?

They pushed you around?

The arrogant build kingdoms made of the different ones,

Breaking them 'til they've become,

Just another crown,

And I have felt the same, as you I've felt the same,

As you I've felt the same, as you I've felt the same."