One Little Drop

Have you heard of

One Little Drop

? This website is absolutly divine. There mission is to change the world one little drop at a time, and all of us are simply little drops adding up to an enormous ocean of change.

I have always wanted to do something to make a difference. To help someone less fortunate than me. Sure I donate money to charity, and I know it is going to a good cause, but by doing that I don't feel like I am doing much. (does that make any sense?) One Little Drop makes it seem possible. Possible to help, possible to give things which indiviudal's really need. It also gives me a strong urge to move to San Francisco.

San Francisico seems like such a magical place. In my heart I feel like I should be there. Also after Sara's description of the wonderful enviorment surrounding her, I wanted to pack my bags and move that very instant.

Another fabulous thing this website is doing is

The International Day Of Possibility.

A single day dedicated to positive thinking. To thinking that you can do anything! We really all should be doing this every day, but just imagine the positive energy that would float through the world if we all thought positivly for an entire day? Oh I can feel some of the energy already.

So what are you doing June 21st, 2007? I am thinking anything is possible that day!!