A gentle shift

Thinking about life....about positive thinking...about believing you can do anything.

Thinking about wanting to do something....

and then just doing it....

like going for daily walks, enjoying life, taking more photos, creating more art.

What am I doing instead?

I always feel so busy....what is taking up my time?

I want:

*to go for walks at least twice to three times a week

*to stretch daily, I really want to work on my flexibility

*to create more art--be more creative in my life

*to spend more quailty time with the ones I love: talking, laughing, playing games

*to be more active

*to spend more time outdoors. (This is really hard to do in the winter, but spring is right around the corner)

Those are six simple things that I want in my life right now. And I am going to do them. I am going to accomplish all of them....and I am going to feel so much better about myself for actually doing what I want and for actually surrounding my life with what it needs. I am going to nourish my inner soul!