After so long.

My trip to Mexico brought about a really special occassion which I was so nervous about before I left. I was to meet Christian's mom and his brothers. How nerve racking thinking that I don't speak much Spanish, they don't speak much English, and I would be there alone with them the first time meeting them.

However this meeting could not have gone better. It was so amazing to meet them. To see them in person, be able to touch them, and experience them face to face. It was such a beautiful experience. When Christian's mom first came up to me I almost started to cry. Emotions just took over me.

I met his mom and Alvaro first in Puebla City. They were the nicest, nicest people. She brought me gifts, I brought them gifts, and I tried to take as many pictures as I could. Then on Thursday his mom and his other brother Eddie showed up at our house in Cholula as a surprise. She wanted to make sure that I met him before I left. I am so glad that I did. Disappointed that I did not even think to get my camera and take a picture because I was so in schock...but I was so happy to meet them.

This experience was amazing, wonderful, absolutly memorable. Thank you Mexico for such a warm welcome!