Happy Birthday Tlalolini

Today is Christian's birthday and I feel we had an excellent day. We woke up early, and I cooked him a special birthday breakfeast from his own choosen menu. Then we packed up and headed to the Yankees Red Sox's Game at Yankee Stadium. We watched the Yankee's sweep the Red Sox's. Which was an absolute blast. We hung out after the game for awhile in the parking lot enjoying a beer and a sandwhich. Ended up missing most of the traffic. Came home to sing him happy birthday with his cake and played some guitar hero together. It was really a lot of fun. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. The simple things are sometimes the best.

Even though you cannot count the Yankees Red Sox's as simple things. Oh it was so fun! I never thought I would see a Yankees Red Sox's game. And I did. I love baseball, so for me this was a dream come true.

Happy Birthday Tlalolini!!