Doing My Part

I take my canvas bags to the grocery store.  

I turn off the lights when I leave a room,

and make sure Chris does the same.  

Chris and I  ride our bike's to the supermarket when we can,

and trek our things home in our backpack's.

We carpool to work.  

I will open the window instead of putting on the ac,

and put on a sweater instead of turning on the heat.  

I drop off my old clothes to the clothes bins, instead of throwing them away.  

I am working on turning off the water while washing the dishes, and brushing my teeth.

On buying products that are more enviormentally friendly,

and recycling better.

I am trying to do my part.

I had a conversation with someone the other day who called me a "greeny" for bringing my own bags to the supermarket.  I am not even sure what that word means.  But it shocked me that he mocked me for doing my part.  

Of course I will do my part if it means making the world a little better for myself and my children.  

Of course I will do my part if it means saving something that is so precious and brings me so much joy.

Of course I will do my part.

What holds you back from doing yours? 

And why mock me for wanting to leave this place a little better than I found it?