Come November 30th our time here at this wonderful apartment, which we love, will be over.  It is wonderful here and we are going to miss this place, it is just our budget can not handle the rent increase :(


Dear Universe,

Can you please bring Christian and I a wonderful studio/one bedroom space.  We are looking for wonderful windows which bring in lots of natural light.  We really want to stay around with area because we share our car, and it would be much easier with both of us working together in Ramsey.  We both have an enormous love for t

he outdoors and want a great outdoor sitting space.  We want a place we can call home.  

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our request.  We appreciate the hard work you do each day and look forward to our new space.

Thank you.


Jennifer and Christian

I have never downright asked for exactly what I wanted.  It feels liberating to do so...