Bungee chord


To get both of our bicycles positioned perfectly on our car bicycle rack.  

Twisting, turning, maneuvering.  

Like everything else in life we just need to find the perfect position.  

But first lets return to two hours early...

Taking the bikes off.


To position our lunch bag on the back of my bike.

Twisting, turning, maneuvering.

Trying to find the perfect position.

We decide we need to purchase a bungee chord the next time we go to the store.

Struggling over,

we found the perfection position.

And we begin our adventure down the bicycle path.  

Stopping for lunch and

a little game of hopscotch.  

Asking each other questions about life and living.

Enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather.

Enjoying each others company. 

Back to the car.


Twisting, turning, maneuvering.

Over walks a gentleman with a bungee chord in hand.

He advises us about how to position the bikes,

and he gives us the bungee chord.  

We thank him graciously and he trots away with his dog.  

The bungee chord angel  

Stopping by to give us exactly what we needed.  

How did he know?

and How did he happen to have it with him in his car?

Thank you bungee chord angel!

Thank you for taking the time to stop and help.

Thank you for seeing our human struggle and not just looking away.  

Thank you for the bungee chord!