You  won't believe this, but I am sitting outside wearing a skirt and short sleeves as I write this.  Soaking up the fabulous sun shine.  It is probably about 70 degrees.  Oh I know the cold is on it's way.  I am sure by Wends it will be here to mock me and show off its  bitterness.  

But for today I am embracing the sunshine and letting the gentle breeze give me a healing embrace.  

The geese are flapping their wings on the water, even going under for a quick swim -  something I never knew they did.  

Dragonflies are perfecting their dance of love while hovering along the coast line of the pond and grass.  The fall colors glisten the trees, and a turtle sits a top a rock enjoying the sunshine as much as I am.   

People have come to enjoy this place with me.  A couple eating take out lunch on a the picnic table, a women taking a nap while the sun fills her head with dreams.  A gentleman on his lunch break, prepared for days like today with is very own chair.  Munching on a sandwhich and soaking up the words on the pages.  Another old man across the pong, enjoying the company of the geese perched on the grass besides him.  He choose the shade for some reading.  

And here I am, taking it all in.  Observing the passing of time, changing seasons, comparing in my mind the young boy whose mind is filled with wonder and imagination playing on the playground and the old man deep in thought.  So many years of memories to look back on. And here I sit between them.  Closer to the boy, yet not so far from the old man.  The breeze blowing, the sun shining, the leaves changing color.  A little far from home, feeling more connected to myself.