Divine Inspiration...

The internet is truly an amazing place.

Blogging really makes this amazing place a little more special.

I normally sit at home observing others, 

comforted by their words, 

and being inspired by their courage.  

And yes, I do blog...

however I never challenged myself to be so brave. 

So today with diving inspiration from the fabulous


 I decided to challenge myself...  

to do something I normally would never do.  

I am shy and never choose to be the center of attention.

I used to be terrified what people thought of me.  

Although that fear still lurks in the back of my mind, it is not as strong as it once was.  

Today I am shedding some more skin.

I am grabbing the world with both hands!

And to be honest, it is exciting!

So here goes



I really had fun with this, and hope you enjoy!

~Dancing always makes me happy, I wonder why I don't do it more often.