Before Bed

Before bed a million ideas swirl inside my head, just wanting to get out. But I am snug and cozy, and the lights are out, and I don't want to disturb Chris. So I think about them, and ponder them, and then in the morning they have escaped. My dreams have taken them away to a far distant land reserved for all lost thoughts.

Many of those things I wanted to write about. I wanted to explore, delve deeper into. But they are gone. Possibly they will come back to me another night when I am snug in bed, unable to fall asleep. But I know in the morning they will escape me again. I have heard you should always keep a notebook next to your bed. I think I should start doing this. Write in the dark. Maybe my inner thoughts will come out a little bit easier with no lights on to judge them. Letting my hand and the pen guide it's way over the paper without any lines to constrict them, or any eyes to place judgement them. Maybe then my inner vessel will feel free to explore the open ocean.