25 Things I will never tire of....

1. The sound of Christian laughing

2. Dancing in my apartment when I am home alone.

3. Singing at the top of my lungs in the shower possibly mixed in with some dancing.

4. Spending time with my three brothers. They really crack me up.

5. The sound, look, smell, and feel of the ocean. Oh, I love it!

6. Music. Especially Jack Johnson. My life theme song: Upside Down.

7. Reading a good book curled up in a really comfy chair.

8. Swimming. Especially in a crystal clear, warm ocean. (Or my apartment pool will do).

9. Riding my bycycle on a warm summer day.

10. Wishing on stars.

11. The feel of the warm sun on my face.

12. Being outside on a warm summer day. (Can you tell I am a warm weather kind of person).

13. Looking for inspirational quotes, stories, or anything creative).

14. Spending time with a close girlfriend, sharing stories about our life.

15. "Belthoff" family weddings --and there are plenty of them.

16. Going on adventures large or small.

17. The movie "Serendipity" Now if only I owned a copy of it again.

18. The feel of Christians feet underneath the covers.

19. Summertime. My favorite time of year!!

20 A good meal with great company.

21. Being around children. I adore and have so much fun with children.

22. Comedians. I love listening to them. They really crack my up and I love laughing.

23. Laughing --over anything or nothing. Sometimes I really crack myself up and I love laughing.

24. People's stories. About life, living, and how they became who they are.

25. Connecting with others.

Thank you Jen for inspiring me to make this list.