The Warming is real...

Green trees, beautiful oceans, falling snow, penguins, polar bears, plant life.  Everything in this world is connected by our amazing ecosystem. Working side by side, working together, working to keep this planet functioning in an amazing way. Yet here we are working against this system, making it work harder, and destroying it. We need to change. We need to realize the truth of what is happening, and we need to take the steps to stop going against but working with.

It is really scary to look at the facts and to see what could potentially happen. But we must face this truth. We must stop destroying our beautiful planet. A planet that has offered us so much. We must respect it, work with it, and correct our wrongs.

Today I was at the grocery store trying to decide which laundry detergent to buy. One brand was on sale **buy one get one free** Trying to save money I picked it up and was about to buy it when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this
Seventh Generation detergent. On the back of the bottle is says "In our ever deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." And even though it was more expensive I put down my money saver detergent and decided to buy the planet saver. I think saving the planet is a lot more important than a few bucks I would waste somewhere else.

So today I am taking the pledge to continue to make a difference.
I am going to continue to:
**turn off my lights
reusablegrocery bags
** not take a bag when I don't need it
**buy products that are good for the environment
**keep appliances unplugged unless I am using them
**walk instead of drive and carpool when I can
**and try to keep others informed.

Are you willing to take the pledge? What other things can we continue to do to save something that is so precious to all of us?