Don't You Remember What Your Mother Taught You?

I never gave much thought to it.

I always felt it was wrong trying to push "our" ways, "our" beliefs onto individuals who have a different way of thinking.  

Just because we do something does not make it right.

Didn't your Mom teach you that growing up?  

But we persist.  

Pushing and pushing, bullying them on.  

Waving guns in their faces and killing them if they don't cooperate.

But don't you remember what your Mom said growing up?  

Treat others how you want to be treated.

We were taught to fight for what we believe in.  

Do we really believe in this?

Why should they give in to "us?'

Who do we think we are anyway?

We are sacrificing our own; 

4,000 of our own and for what?

Tell me, for what?  I do not understand.

Our sons, daughters, friends, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, true loves, going off and never returning.  

How do we even believe this is ok?

Not everyone think's the way we do, not everyone has to.  

Didn't your Mom teach you individuality?

Growing up, growing into your own person.  

Not following the crowd.

Why do we not allow them to be who they are?

Why are we so corrupt?

I do not follow it.  I do not really know all the details.  

I am not even sure I want to.  It saddens my heart, makes me want to cry, and makes me think of all the lessons we forgot that our Mothers taught us.