I admire you...

Look at you up there, speaking so eloquently.  So calm, never skipping a beat.  You have a great ability to speak in front of a crowd, do complex math equations in your head, and connect with total strangers while evoked in conversation.   You are strong, smart, funny, and kind.  

I always looked up to you, and always will.  You taught me how to catch a baseball and learn math...even if it took hours.  You work hard and instilled that within me.  You never give up, you follow through.  You are strong and totally gentle.  Your smile lights a room and your laugh is contagious.  You taught me respect, kindness, and how to be a better person.  You have helped me to grow and are always there if I need you.  

Over the years I have put you through a lot, but there you are still smiling and still loving me.  You are my hero, someone I deeply admire.  Thank you for being you and sharing that with me.  

I love you!!