The Light!

Sometimes I get these moments.  These "ah-ha" moments when I feel the switch in my head turn on.  The light bulb goes on, the spark ignites the fire.  I am not sure how it happens, or why it happens but I am really glad that I am in tune to it happening.  I feel it taking place.  Normally it is on the right side of my head.  Which brain is that?  It happened today.  The switch went off.

 To often we concentrate on the sadness.  The mistakes, the things we have done wrong, or wish would have happened.  But take a look around.  Look at everything that has happened for you.  Look at all the good things and throw away the regrets.  Throw away the mistakes.  Throw away the hurt and anger.  So much happiness


our every day.  Embrace that with open arms.  

I need to go back to making my list at night of what made me happy that day.  A short list comprising of only three things.  Out of twenty four hours in a day it should be easy to find three things that made me smile, made my heart skip a beat, made my life worth living.  

Three Things I am Grateful for Right Now...

1.  My opportunity at my job

.  It has been an amazing chance to gain experience, meet new people, and hopefully get hired.

2.  Having the opportunity to live on my own.  I have the chance to explore myself, prove to myself I can do it, and learn what really moves me and makes me happy.

3.  The


to meet a new friend.  Laugh, smile, and have the chance to take a trip.  Memories being created.