Rising up...

I fell to the floor

Begging to the world to help me find peace.

I cried, pleaded, shouted.

Nothing seemed to help

For awhile I stayed in that position.

Huddled on the floor


Feeling pain in every inch of my body.

I started to notice the sun shining

It came slowly, casting a light through my darkness

Every so gently it got brighter and I was able to see things a little more clearly.

I rose to my knees.

Instead of begging and pleading I began to give thanks

I started to notice the beauty around me,

I felt the earth, the breeze, the sun. 

Nature surrounded me

Nature healed me.

I put my palms out,

As if to welcome the new things coming way.

A smile rose on my face and I embraced all the adventures I would soon take

On my knees I stood tall,

Proud of who I was.

Amazed at what I had been through

And grateful to be here right now, in this moment.

Rising up from the darkness

Rising up from the despair

Standing tall in who I am

Rising up to meet who I am meant to be.