My heart on paper

Ramapo Reservation

I stand here staring at my shadow
Trying to be sure of myself
Trying to fall freely into what I see ahead of me
I struggle sometimes
I have never been here before
I have never been surrounded by so much love
At times I wonder if I am handling it with the care it deserves
I am afraid it will crumble 
I am afraid I will fall
Never have I felt like I was in the center of someones universe, and they in mine
Never have I felt so strong
Never have I felt so much
The kindness and love that swirls around me is intoxicating
It breathes strength into my weakened bones
And takes away the gloom during these dark days
The conversation is enthralling
The eyes are calming
I feel brave
I feel like myself
I worry that I don't show how I feel well enough
I worry that I lack any sense of expressing my true emotions
I worry that I won't feel like I am enough or can give enough
The struggle seems endless sometimes
A constant battle between my heart and my head
I am healing
I am growing
I am observing 
I feel strong
I can see my dreams more clearly
I smile more
I am surrounded by amazing people
I am standing tall