Lit for hope, peace, confidence, a feeling of self.
Lit for the light that is struggling at times inside me to stay alive
Lit for everyone who has the struggle, the fear, the moment inside when you don't feel good enough, strong enough, or able to take that next step
Lit for the sunshine of a new day to shine in my heart and yours
To heal, to allow miracles to happen, and to observe the beauty that surrounds me
Lit for myself and also for you.
Lit with love, patience and kindnessĀ 
Lit with a smile and a tearĀ 
Everything we go through we have someone who understands, who knows the feeling and who is willing to listen, hold are hand, and wipe away our tears or laugh along side us
Hold your candle out to them in times of struggle and they will light it for you, as you know you would do the same for them
Lit for the goodness that each of us has with in us and spreads throughout the world.