the beginning

little hannah, easter 2009

It all starts out so simple, so basic, so pure
Three little things making you so strong


You savor these things
They are your survival

You eat, you sleep, and you soak up love
A pure, compassionate, genuine kind of love

Everyone wants to see you
Everyone wants to hold you
Everyone wants to be around you

Your little heart cannot comprehend this magic
You bring so much joy and happiness to everyone around you

Each day you grow a little bit
Changing ever so slightly

We all watch in amazement
With tender caring eyes

There is so much I want to say to you
So much I want you to know

Like how excited and happy your parents are that you are a part of their life
And how honored I am to be your fairy godmother
And how you have brought out this incredible gentle soft side of my brothers (your uncles) that was always there, but hiding beneath the surface
And how proud your Grandma and Grandpa are to know you and show you off

You can see the love your parents have for you in there sparkling eyes when they talk about you
and how they smile from ear to ear when they are holding you
Your little spirit captures the hearts of everyone who meets you

Life is going to bring you many adventures
And lots of juicy goodness for you to soak up
Together we will experience so much and have a ton of fun

I want you to know that along the way of discovering and achieving your dreams
I will always be here to hold your hand
Laugh with you, cry with you, listen to you
and lead you back to the basics. . . .
And love
The three little things that heal you and make you stronger

I love you Hannah!