So lucky

Macy's Fireworks - Hudson River, Forth of July 2009

Sometimes life just comes together.  In this magical, unbelievable, wild way.  We are not even sure how it happens but it does. Often times we are too busy chasing the next thing we do not even take the time to appreciate it.  However I on a constant mission to slow down, look around, and take in all the beauty and magical things that surround me.  

I truly am lucky.  I can't even say it enough.  Magical things have fallen into place.  Opportunities I never thought would happen to me have opened up right before my very eyes.  For all of these things I am grateful, so very grateful.  There is a little fairy watching over me somewhere.  And I am thankful for her.  

It is not all magic and pixie dust, although sometimes I like to believe it is.  But if I stop and look, and not get so shy a part of so many of these things falling into place is because I have been so brave.  I have put myself out there.  I stood up through the nerves, and the worry, and I just did it.  I jumped and have begun to learn how to fly.  

For so many years I have been shy.  Looking in from the outside.  Wishing, hoping, and dreaming that one day I would be that happy, or I would get to do those things, or I would be brave enough to just dance.  It took me 28 years but I am finally learning dance.  To spin and twirl and sing at the top of my lungs while I dance, dance, dance.  So many little pieces have come together and each adding a spec of hope and a sparkle of encouragement.  I cherish these little moments, reflect on them, and smile when I think of them.  These moments have nudged me along, made me not feel so alone.  

I feel strong and proud of who I am.  I am finally beginning to discover who I am.  And that is a magical thing.  I am so lucky.  I am truly so lucky