Swirling Ideas

Flowers in Brian and Laurie's Garden

Giggling in the rain has been stagnant for too long
and I am not even sure why
After a phone conversation last night with a creative soul ideas starting blossoming inside my mind

I began this site for myself
another medium to express myself through writing and words
It was fun to do, even though I never told anyone I was doing it

Over time I have made some unexpected connections through the magic of the world wide web
I have been give incredible opportunities as well
And have really enjoyed putting myself out there in this way

I am not sure when I turned down the path of not posting
Not sure if it was the rain that was water logging my mind 
Or I just needed time to reflect privately about things unfolding before me

But the sun is now shining in my creative soul
Ideas are swirling around me
And I think giggling in the rain may take on some minor transformations

I am exciting about ideas
even though I am not sure where they will take me
I am sure it will be an adventure :)