Oaxaca, Mexico

I am on a journey
and at times it seems incredibly long.
I feel like I am climbing up a mountain
but will never reach the point of ecstasy.  

People say to enjoy the process, 
savor the moments, 
stop to look around and take it all in.

It is not always easy to do when you know
what you ultimately want to experience,
and when you feel in your heart
exactly what you are longing for.  

It's not easy when you had a taste of something
so sweet and you can't seem to find that delicacy again.

The mountain seems steeper and steeper 
as the days go on.  
You get out of breathe more quickly and 
fall with your head held down in despair.

Will you ever make it to the top?
Will you ever see, feel, experience
that kind of beauty again?

The journey seems so long, 
so hard, 
so strenuous.  
But the only thing you know how to do
it so keep on going.
And so you do.