Stunning Souls

Manzanita, Oregon

Stunning souls pulled together by the tides pull
Gathering along side the ocean
Bringing with them their own experiences
Bringing with them their own wisdom
Bringing with them an open heart
All different forms of beauty standing strong in one solitary group
Supporting one another
Laughing with one another
Loving one another
A calling deep inside of each of these stunning souls
They knew they had to be their
Present in the moment
Unearthing their best self
Beauty, joy, and happiness radiate from these stunning souls
So brightly, so beautiful
Filled with magic
Stunning souls please know that someone is holding the space for you
Ready to reach out with a hug
Remember how brave you are
and how liberating it is to just go for it
Your journey may be long
but you are never alone
Breathe deeply
Breathe deeply
Soak it all in