Friendship heals us

It moves us through life

Lifting us up when we need it the most

Giving us a shoulder to lean on when we feel we cannot stand on our own

Beautiful friendships make the days brighter

Struggles not seem so insurmountable

And they fill our life with laughter and light

With a friend you do not even have to say a word

They know when you need them

And they swoop right in

Taking the time to have lunch with you, 

when they could have just headed home

Creating postcards and dropping them in the mail, 

so they arrive when you least expect it but need it the most

Sending little messages that appear in the palm of your hand, 

putting a smile on your face no matter where you stand

Friends fill you up

Together you create memories that live deep within each of you

They listen to you

Never judge you

But stand beside you

Even in your darkest moments, 

they simply hold your hand letting you know they are there

In a world where we cannot rely on many things

One thing for certain is our friendships

Taking the time to nurture them is important

Letting a friend know you care is valuable

With out my friends I would be a shell of myself

Wandering aimlessly through this world

I am so blessed to have connected deeply with my friends

And to have the opportunity to savor the memories we create together

Thank you dear friends

for standing beside me

Watching me grow and cheering me on

Thank you for listening 

For nurturing me

And swooping in when I didn't even know I needed you

You make my world a bright place