moments can change your life

There are moments in your life that happen. Moments you could not have thought up or dreamed about because you had no idea such a thing could ever occur. But somehow these moments present themselves. You are given the opportunity to embrace them and let them flow with you, guiding you along.

These moments are stepping stones in your life. Taking you from one place to the another. However, describing them as stepping stones does not seem adequate because these moments are life changing.  Opening up a whole new door of possibility. Breathing life into your tired heart. Holding you gently. Nudging you along. Encouraging you to keep your head held high.

Many times the individuals who change the course of our life forever are gone in the blink of an eye. Leaving you feeling in awe at the power of connection between individuals. So many people in this world. So many individuals we pass on a daily bases and interact with. But only a select few stirs ours heart and wakes us up. Only a handful have the ability to creep in and see below our outer protective barrier. Why is it that certain individuals connect and others do not? What is it that pulls us deeply into each other? What forms the space between others?  It is interesting to be roaming the roads of life. Meeting so many different individuals. Traveling down one path and then getting directed somewhere else all because of a brief encounter.

Strangers can open us up. They can stand before us and accept us exactly as we are in the moment. They do not know the past. They do not know our struggles. They just see you before them. Your heart in your hand ready to be revealed. You stand there in all of your being radiating who you are. And you never know if you will walk away with something new.  A new opportunity, a new friend, a new chance to take.