eyes of love

I remember when I struggled to see myself through eyes of love
Little voices inside me would speak unkind words
And I would listen to what they had to say
Blindly living, moving motionless throughout each day
I shot down my own dreams and tried to just blend in

Overtime my world shifted and things changed
Slowly I was arriving home, to myself
Kind words were being spoken from deep inside
My ears were perking up and my heart was learning to listen
I began to dream wildly

This slight shift changed my entire world
I took steps in a new direction
And the adventure began
Risk were taken, things were lost
Bigger things were gained

The roads were not easy to travel down
But there was always a light on the path
Doors opened when I least expected
And I was welcomed with open arms

I began to pick up the broken pieces of myself
Slowly putting them back together
Courage arrived from deep in my heart
And forward I continued to move

Each day I take another step on this adventure we call life
Learning, laughing, loving, losing
All of it intertwined and teaching me valuable lessons
I am creating the life I want to live

All of it rest in my hands when I listen to my heart
And seek out my dreams
Never settling for what dose not move me
But going out there and making it happen

I do not want to blend into the wall anymore
I want to shine and reach high for my dreams
I want to inspire and I want to create
And each day I must continue to carve my own path

Looking at the world and myself with eyes of love