stepping into your life

It does not matter what size clothing you wear or how much money you make
If you work 60 hours a week at an office or 24/7 at home with your little ones
It does not matter if you live near the ocean or close to the city
Or what your exact age in numbers is

What matters is that you show up
You take the risk and share yourself
You pick up your insecurities and bring them along with you
Then one by one you drop them as we walk along

You begin to tell your stories
Share your heart, open up
You beauty radiates from your eyes
As you step more comfortably into yourself

It is not easy to show our scars
And relax deeply into who we are
To show up with our fears
And feel fully encircled with love and support

But when we it arrives at our doorstep
Arms open, smiles wide
We must embrace it
And show up exactly as we are

These precious moments are a gift
They heal us, take us through, and encourage us
Filling up our wells we start to see we are not alone
We have friends along the journey, holding our hands each step of the way

Feel the love
Savor the joy that comes with it
Know we all have struggles, fears, and insecurities
And step bravely into your life