taking the unknown step forward

I am standing on the edge
Visioning myself step forward into a new world of unknown
A place of uncertainty, hard work, and hours of dedication
I can picture this place so vividly
When I do my heart feels full, my soul lights up, and I am happy
I am transported there, as if this place is real

In order to get there I must step forward
I must risk it all to make it happen
I am afraid of failing
Afraid that I really do not know what I am doing
The demons crawl into my head screaming their harsh words
"you are not good enough, who do you think you are"
It is a battle fighting against them

But in my soul I know that I can do this
In my mind I am already there
Living my dream life
We all deserve to live out our dreams
When opportunity knocks, you cannot slam the door shut
It takes courage, it is a huge risk, but in the end so very worth it

So I must take the step forward
Deep into the unknown
Faking it until I make it
Spreading my wings
Learning how to soar