trapped outside

There are things that I would tell you if I had the courage to speak them.  Words that would tumble out of my mouth abrasivly because I have been fighting for so long to keep them in.  There is hurt embedded deep within and a huge wake of sadness that has engulfed me.  So much living right below the surface that you do not even see

I guess that makes us one in the same.  Hiding something.  Covering it up and not showing the world our true skin because it is not as pretty and perfect as we would like to project.  We numb the pain, hide in our cacoon, and just keep going on pretending nothing has happened.

So desperatly I want to speak these words that I am fighting but I have so much fear of hurting you. Both of us are hurting, quietly in our own corners.  Longing for some sunshine, a space to breathe, a moment to be seen and loved.  How do I break through and walk together with you safely to the other side of darkness?