We all have a story
And each of ours is different
Standing next to one another we may experience the same thing
But it breathes life into us in a unique way
Feelings, thoughts, ideas
Created from deep within us
We must be kind to one another
Respect where each of us is on our journey
Never judge someone for where they stand

And when we each look in the mirror
We must be kind to ourselves
Understand that healing takes time
Know that we are never alone
we have our unique feelings, but everyone feels
Every single one of us is going through many of the same basic emotions
Doubt, struggle, feeling like you aren't good enough, shame
No matter the circumstance we are all human inside

Reach out to each other
Offer up a smile to a stranger, hold the hand of a dear friend
Sometimes it is the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference
Walk with someone
Listen to the sound of their heart beat
Hear the story they really want to tell, but are to afraid to speak