arriving home

It has been a hectic past couple of weeks
Big projects pulling me in many directions
Time flying by
Frustration and exhaustion
Dreading going to my second job
Just wanting to crawl into bed and sleep

Slowly I have risen to the top
With every accomplishment
Time must be spent deep in the trenches
Figuring things out
Making mistakes and feeling lost
Pushing through to creating

When you are deep in the hole
It feels like you will never find your way out
Pleading with the clock to slow down
Hoping for that breakthrough to get you going
Wondering how you will ever get it done
Draining all your resources

But then the sun breaks through
You find the right motion to climb the hill with ease
You begin to feel lighter
Picking up speed you are off
A smile forming deep from within

Good things come through hard word
Messy hands
Picking up the pieces
And putting them back together
Pride surfaces when we stick with it
Stay strong through the storm

I have finally arrived home
Feeling incredibly happy and proud of myself
I struggled and felt lost
But I never gave up
And here I am, happy

It feels good to make it through to the other side