beauty in the written word

Beauty lies deep within the written word
As the hand moves across the paper
Thoughts are formed
Secrets are spoken
Hearts are laid out on the page

Gently we hold the paper in our hands
Soaking in the vulnerability
Cherishing the wisdom
Feeling deeply what is written
Knowing the time and energy that went into each letter

When words arrive at our doorstep
We are thrilled
A reason to go to the mailbox
Sunshine living right next to the bills
A shining glimmer amongst the daily routine

Letter writing has become a lost art
Technology has made communicating so instant
We have forgotten what it is like to sit down
Pen in hand, paper ready to soak in the ink
Thoughts flowing from the heart onto the page

There is something so beautiful about another's penmanship
Everyone's writing is so unique, so beautiful
Their spirit forming each letter
Their heart arriving right on the page
A gift to you, that you can hold in your hands

I believe in the power of words
I believe we can inspire each other when we share our thoughts on paper
I believe happy mail arriving in our mailbox can change our whole day
I believe that we each hold wisdom deep in our hearts
I believe in Love Notes

I hope you will join in on the adventure
As we share our words and send happy mail to others
The Post Card Project
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