I am a creative thinker, and feeler
I am a writer
Doing creative work, and placing my words on paper
Feeds my soul and ignites my spirit

There are times I am fearful of saying that out loud
Gently hiding those layers of me right below the surface
Afraid to boldly show this artist self that I am
Feeling it doesn't really fit into this blazing world

But once a conversation begins about creating
My shoulders ease, my eyes light up, I instantly feel lighter
Delving deep into the conversation
Feeling at home in the creative world

Today I am sharing my thoughts of embracing this artist self
No longer stowing her away in the closet
But bringing her out to play, day after day
Giving her space to breathe, and soak in the creative sunshine of the world

Please hop over to your heart makes a difference 
And boldly claim your own artist self today
Together we will stand along side one another
As we peel back the layers and embrace our true calling