I have learned

I am learning that we are all on a journey
Searching for the things that move us
The moments that wake us up, and make us feel alive

I am learning that time moves quickly
If we do not stop for a moment and appreciate it
It is gone, in the blink of an eye

I am learning that we will face hard times
We will push through
And we will come out on top, one step at a time

I am learning that love can move mountains
Patience is important
We need to stand along side one another, sharing our love

I am learning that there is joy in the every day
Sometimes hidden
Just needing to be uncovered, and tended to

I am learning that kindness makes this world thrive
We need to help each other
Show we care, it all brings life to this world

I am learning new things 
Every single day
Through the opportunities I receive, and the people I encounter

I am learning
And you are to
What have you learned lately, share it with us here