Love Notes Post Card Project

At times it can feel like a chore going to pick up the mail because you know exactly what is in there.  But what if that changed?  What if a hand written post card sat nestled in between the bills?  Words written down on paper for you to hold in your hands and soak in.  A little sliver of sunshine arriving unexpectedly, just for you. 

What if you had the opportunity to bring this sunshine to someone else's mailbox?  Picking up a pen and writing your own words down.  Sharing pieces of your story and words from your heart for them to soak in.  Would you want to be a part of it? 

Social media is great for staying in touch and easily communicating with friends, but there is something so lovely about holding a real piece of paper in your hands.  Seeing someone else's handwriting and feasting on what they h ave shared brings the story to a different level. 

These thoughts are what sparked the idea of for the Love Notes Post Card Project.  Words shared on a post card, mailed to someone you may or may not know.  Hearts opening, sunshine arriving, connections unfolding. 

This three week project brings the opportunity for sunshine to be sent through the mail by responding to a simple writing prompt.  Head on over to here to find out more about it and to sign up.  I hope you will join in. The project begins August 19th.