end of the road

photo credit:  dustin pita

Sometimes we come to the end of the road
A road we traveled many many miles on
Along the way we hit a lot of bumps
Got taken off course
Stumbled, fell, and kept on going
Arriving at the end we thought we would be greeted with celebration
Trumpets blowing
Fans cheering
But instead a deep silence envelopes us
Tears of sadness spill out
This was not the ending we had thought it was going to be

We fought so hard along the way to keep it together
Make it work
Figure things out
There were moments of deep hurt
But also times of intense joy
Together we trampled each others hearts
And nudged the other forward to their next success
A constant up and down
Never knowing what was going to be around the next corner

It is here at the end that we both know we must go our separate ways
Struggling to say that final goodbye
Reminiscing about the good times
Forgetting momentarily about the scars that have been etched

But the time has come
Each of us must step bravely into the future
Carrying the lessons learned
Tucking the memories safely into our back pockets
Moving forward
Finding ourselves
Going after our hearts truest calling