returning :: re-entering :: reflecting

I just spent five magical days in the woods of New Hampshire gathering with friends and like minded souls.  Stories were shared, dreams nurtured, words of love circling around.  Something powerful happens when individuals gather.  You see it at sporting events, feel the electricity at a concert, and even come upon it deep in the woods.

I entered these same woods five years ago ~ shy ~ quiet ~ unsure of myself ~ not knowing who I was.  This time I emerged ~ grounded ~ strong ~ glowing ~ with a strong sense of who I am.  It is beautiful to look back on the journey.  To see where I was those five years ago and feel the strength, love, and courage I know embody.  I am blessed to have witnesses to these moments.  Individuals who were there five years ago and who stand beside me today, reflecting back to me all that has evolved.

I have many stories about moments in the woods.  Words rolling around in my head that I want to share with you.  But for now I will leave you with some words dear friends of mine have written.  Hop on over to there sites as they eloquently share what it was like to gather, to be seen, to show up, and to just be.

** Mindy Lacefield  ~ Squam
** Wish Studio ~  truly madly deeply :: postcards from Squam