summer time gratitude

How do you sum up an entire summer filled with so much
Where do you begin to touch on all the plane rides you took to far away places
The people you met
The adventures life handed you
How do you explain the laughter
The memories created
The family fun that brought your closer together
Where do you start to tell about the love that filled the air
The warm summer nights
The hot days on the bicycle
The day you finally made it up the enormous hill
Baseball game, after baseball game
Cheering for your favorite team
Sitting around the fire
Wishing on stars
Walking through the streets
Cups filled with ice cream
Pictures taken
New memories created
In a few simple words how do you tell the story
Of where these roads have taken you
New ventures started
Connections made
So much swirling around under the hot summer sun
It all begins somewhere
And all falls into place another day
With Autumn on the rise these memories of summer will settle
A big smile on my face
A heart filled with love
Life is so beautiful
And filled with so much joy
I am forever grateful