I know how it feels to be alone
To close the door and know the only way it will open is if you do so

I know how it feels to be alone, you are here, all by yourself
No one else will join you, it is just you

It can feel so amazing in one minute, and then terribly lonely in the next
I know how it feels to be alone

I can't imagine spending an incredible amount of years with someone
And then it is just you, alone

From that moment on, everything must be different
You used to have this way of being
Inside jokes
A way of working together

And now here you are alone

No longer in your space that you called home for so many years
Surrounded by new people, a new place
Nothing familiar
Everything changing

I could not imagine that type of alone
How that must feel
How lonely it could be

All I know is what it feels like to be alone
After being with someone for only a short time

How does one adjust to being alone after years of being together?
How does one continue on, happy, alert, appreciative of just being here?

How?  How?