the storm is coming

There is an eerie calmness in the air tonight.  The wind blows, the leaves rustle.  A sense of uncertainty lurking about what Sandy will bring with her.  We have prepared as best we can.  The laundry is done, the outside elements brought in, the cabinets stocked.  We are ready to hunker down.

I took a walk this evening.  Listening to the leaves as they fell to the ground.  After Sandy all of them may be down.  The rain has not yet begun, but the wind is picking up.  People are on edge, scrambling to get what they can.

The storm is coming and each of us must battle through it.  We must also push through our own inner storms.  The ones we try to calm, but keep rearing there ferocious winds.  We must be gentle with ourselves.  Prepare, push through, hold hands with our neighbors, and together walk through to the sunshine.

May you be safe as the storm swirls and may you find the strength to make it through your own battles. Sending love and light.