staying on your path

In the midst of the chaos I want to carve out time.  A moment to sink my teeth deep into the ideas that blossom in my mind as I sit at my desk each day.  Upon their arrival I want to drop everything and begin.  But alas, I cannot.  The world in front of me has stolen my attention and I must respect that.  A notebook full of ideas never started.  Projects begun, but never finished.  Time slipping quickly.  A landfill of excuses of why I cannot accomplish these dreams piling up beside me.

Boundaries need to be set and strictly enforced.  "Office hours" for my creative endeavors must happen.  I need to say no more often, and stick to the plan.  Too easily I get enticed by friends and family to go out and play.  I need to have enough rest, and eat well.  Stay focused and push through.

It is so easy to say I do not have the time, but really the time is there.  Instead of letting thirty minutes of browsing the internet slip by, I need to pick up my own pieces of inspiration and begin.  I need to quit dilly dallying and letting that time disappear.

Bold here I am declaring that I am going to start getting serious.

How do you stay on your path?  How do you carve out that time and stick to it?