beautiful YOU

squam lake

photo by Thea Coughlin

Do you struggle to stand in your light

To see your true beauty

Accept and acknowledge what it is you are truly awesome at

Do you fight your way through the every day

Not going with what is easy

Making it harder than it has to be

Do you say yes

When what you really want to say is no

Your response wearing quickly on your soul

Do you battle with your inner critique

Every single day

Their voices shattering your hopes and dreams

Today is the day to begin fresh

Wipe the slate clean

Stand tall in all you are

Today is the day you listen to your heart

Go with what is truly calling you

Accept the easy path, for that is the path of your soul

Today is the day you say yes

Only to what you really want to do

And quickly say no to what will wear you down

Today is the day you believe in yourself

Acknowledge your strength, courage, and beauty

And really let it sink deep into your heart

What comes easy to you are your strengths

Do not fight them

Dive deep into them

You are uniquely you

No one does things the way you do

Believe in yourself

See yourself the way others see you

Look through the lens of their eyes

Allow your heart to open to what is true


You bring so much to this world

You shine a brilliant LIGHT

~~ Share here with all of us what makes you, YOU~~

In this space we will encourage and support the beautiful light you shine

It can be difficult to see yourself the way others do.  But when we take a step back, let a friend reflect it back to us it can be the most precious gift of all.