grateful, so grateful for my brothers


It can be so easy to get upset over words said
Comments made
But the truth is
I love these guys
They are my world
They make me laugh that side splitting kind of laughter
And no matter where we stand
No matter what was said
If they called me in the middle of the night and needed something
I am there, wherever there is
We grew up together
They teased me mercilessly
But they also had my back
They stood with me in the kitchen in the middle of the night
Telling me they loved me, and that they were glad I was home
They worked along side me
And let me tag along at Yankees Games
They are my brothers
And they are amazing
I adore who they are
And who they have grown into
They are strong, compassionate, and loving
And they all have an amazing sense of humor
When I am around them I am always laughing
I am lucky to have them in my life
And so incredibly grateful
We may not always agree
There may be moments where we don't understand one another
But we are always there for each other
And we know that
We are family, and always will be
And we are so happy for that
I am so grateful for each of them
And all that they bring to my life