growing together in love

In relationships there is comprise
Having to make the bed when it does not really matter to you if stays unmade
Being ok with a dish in the sink, even when you are wanting to get it washed
Throwing your clothes into the hamper instead of on the floor right next to it

The little things you do to make the day to day living together smoother
Finding the balance between that extra step your willing to go
And the things you are willing to let go of yourself
Because life still runs smoothly even when they are out of place

Each of us are human
With our own quirks and way of doing things
To live harmoniously with another we must learn to dance together
An intricte dance of seeking what is important to the other

We need to respect each others light
Provide space to shine and breathe
Fuel each others fire, encourage the next big adventure
We must trust in flight

We know we cannot change the other, and we must never try
Embrace everything, even the unmade bed
For that is a gift in teaching us to let go sometimes
We must recoginze the beauty of the other

When you find this person
And learn their dance
True love blossoms
And each of you grow strong, radiant, freely