paint across the canvas

Paint covering each finger
Color strewn out on my desk
Music playing in the background
Letting go and having fun
I am not much of a painter
But I love to get my hands messy
Skipping the paint brush
And going right in with my fingers

There are pieces that I paint that I adore
And others that I think I may go back in and cover up
It is fun to dive into a blank canvas and see what emerges
There are layers, some messy and some beautiful
Each layer telling a different story
I love the that I can start over
Again and again and again
Adding more layers, more heart, more love

Painting stretches my mind differently than writing does
A different type of white space waiting for some color
With each stroke I let go a little more
Breaking down expectations
Allowing the colors space to bleed together
Adding in more, wiping away excess
Reveling what is below
Letting it all emerge

I am on a year long painting adventure
Open to what will emerge as I lay color to canvas
Mindy Lacefield is my guide
Giving me space and direction to let go
Her True Free Spirit Class is opening me up
Connecting me others who are the journey
Together we show up and let go
What do you do to stretch yourself, open up?